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1 bodyguard of Abra Vice-Mayor killed, 12 in custody

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Abra, Philippines – Following the controversial shoot-out in Pilar, Abra on March 29, 2022, 12 security aides of Vice Mayor Jaja Josefina Disono subjected themselves for police investigation.

It was later reported that a man believed to be a bodyguard of the vice mayor died during the armed encounter.

The Philippine National Police Cordillera stated in a report this March 30, 2022, that after a series of negotiations initiated by PBGEN Ronald Lee, Cordillera Police Regional Director, the 12 who are former military personnel but now serving as security aides to the vice mayor willingly gave themselves to the Philippine Army.

Additionally, the camp of the vice mayor submitted 14 licensed and assorted firearms to the PNP for forensic examination.

As recalled, the tension in Pilar began when a Facebook Live video of LGU Pilar Abra claims that the police were harassing them. The video shows police officers outside the compound of the politician.

The Cordillera police immediately responded to the claim by stating that what was going on was a legitimate hot pursuit operation.

According to the authorities, the incident started when a white Toyota Hiace with unidentified occupants allegedly ignored authorities at the checkpoint and sped off. Two personnel who are serving as advance security were said to have been hit by the vehicle.

The occupants of the vehicle allegedly fired at the police mobile, which prompted the police to conduct a hot pursuit operation.

The police mentioned that the van entered the compound of the vice mayor.


‘Ti kurakot, han nga agbaliw dayta, nu bigat kurakot latta’-Atty. Errol Comafay Jr.

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