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10 Tinglayan barangays confirmed as drug-free

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Tinglayan, Kalinga – Ten barangays in Tinglayan have recently been declared as drug-free, while six have maintained their drug cleared status.

During the Municipal Peace and Order Council and Municipal Anti-Drug Abuse Council Meeting at the Sangguniang Bryan Hall in Poblacion, Tinglayan this January 18, resolutions and certificates have been awarded to the 14 barangays by the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency Kalinga through the Tinglayan Police Station.

These barangays have applied for the retention and confirmation of Drug Cleared and Drug Free Status program, and their application have been approved by the Regional Oversight Committee on Barangay Drug Clearing, says Philippine National Police Tinglayan.

Drug-free barangays

Drug unaffected or drug-free barangays are those that have not ever been ‘plagued or beset by any illegal drug activities.’

According to PNP Tinglayan, these barangays in the municipality are Barangay Ambato Legleg; Belong Manobal; Dananao; Luplupa; Mallango; Ngibat; Old Tinglayan; Sumadel 1, Sumadel 2, and Barangay Lower Bangad.

Drug cleared

As for the drug cleared barangay, these are once drug-affected, but they were subjected to drug clearing operation and were declared free from any illegal drug activities pursuant to the parameters set for the matter.

These barangays who were able to retain the drug cleared status are Bangad Centro; Basao; Bugnay; Poblacion; Tulgao West; and Upper Bangad.

Drug affected barangays

There are still four barangays in Tinglayan that are drug-affected namely Butbut Proper, Tulgao East, Buscalan, and Loccong.

According to Police Captain Luis Bulao, Tinglayan Chief of Police, Barangay Loccong was cleared in 2017. However, it reverted to drug-affected due to the presence of marijuana plantations in the area.

Bulao said that drug clearing and validation will be done to these barangays until such time that they will be free from drugs.

“Adda dagidiay masurot a proseso na a dapat awanen iti drug user, plantation, awan dagiay drug personalities idiay, awan ti illegal drug activities tapnu ma-clear,” he explained.

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