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14-year-old student in Isabela dies in tragic road accident

Ilagan City, Isabela – A 14-year-old student was killed after a pick-up vehicle hit him in Ilagan City, Isabela on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.

Authorities identified the victim as Celene Dion Rabago and a resident of Barangay Sipay, Ilagan City. The driver of the vehicle was identified as Alex Agor, 50, businessman and a former Barangay Captain of Calamagui 2nd of the same city.

Initial police investigation said, through Bombo Radyo Cauayan, that the pick-up was traversing the road leading to Ilagan City while Rabago was on her way to school when the accident happened.

The tragedy took place when Agor tried to overtake a jeepney that was parked on the outer lane when he suddenly hit Rabago who was then crossing the road.

With the strong impact, the student was thrown into a distance, resulting in her immediate death.

The family of the victim is now preparing to file case against Rabago - reckless imprudence resulting in homicide.

Barangay Captain Donato Pascua of said barangay revealed that the place of the incident is an accident-prone area.

To prevent accidents in the future, the captain said he will designate barangay officers to direct and safeguard students crossing the road.

On the same day, another accident transpired in the said city that claimed the life of a driver and left two back riders injured. PNP Ilagan reported that the victims were speeding while on a motorcycle.

With the speed, the driver overshot a turn and hit the concrete side railings of Pasa Bridge.


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