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18 to 45 year old students in Tanudan finish basic education schooling thru ALS

Tanudan, Kalinga – A total of 68 Alternative Learning System students under Eastern and Western Tanudan District have recently completed elementary and junior high school study after undergoing the program for some time.

Alternative Learning System(ALS) is a parallel learning system in the country that gives opportunity to out-of-school youth and adults to complete basic education, which for some reasons, they were not able to finish thru attending formal education.

These 68 had their moving up and graduation ceremony at Davidson Hotel this first week of August 2022.

According to Rutchelle Alunday, ALS District Coordinator, the completers and graduates are ages between 18 years old – 45 years old.

She added that, at some point, the students had to put their studies on hold due to family and financial problems, lack of motivation to study, could not get along with their teachers, or due to early pregnancy and early marriage.

Having completed elementary and junior high school, Alunday encouraged the graduates and completers to finish high school and pursue higher education or take technical vocational course at TESDA.

“The race is not over yet so continue chasing your dreams. Enroll in the senior high school. We have free education so financial is not a hindrance in continuing your studies,” she said.

‘Awan iti lakay wennu baket iti panagadal’

Meantime, in a statement, Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag congratulated the 68 ALS graduates and completers for making it that far and for continuing their education.

He likewise commended the ALS teachers in Tanudan for helping these individuals to complete their basic education.

Dagadag stressed that education is for everyone regardless of age. He said it is never too late to go back to school for the out-of-school youth and adults who have their own reasons why they had to stop their studies.

“Panunuten tayo kuma amin nga awan ti lakay ken baket nu panggep ti panagadal,” he emphasized.


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