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Flora, Apayao gets 2 community buildings with starlink connectivity

Apayao, Philippines – While it serves its purpose as an emergency evacuation area, two soon-to-be erected mini-gymnasiums or community buildings in Flora, Apayao will also be equipped with Starlink connectivity to provide free internet to the people.

Said structures named ‘Balay Pagdadarnan’ are going to rise in Barangays Anninipan and Malayugan.

The project’s name came from Isnag term ‘pagdadarnan’ which means a place where members of the community meet for a certain purpose, Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Officer (LDRMO) Jeoffrey Borromeo explained during the groundbreaking ceremony held on June 13.

Borromeo informed that the buildings, through the initiative of Governor Elias Bulut Jr., are among the priority projects of the Apayao Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council.

He added that the Balay Pagdadarnan will house the constituents particularly the school children and teachers when calamity strikes. He further said there is nothing to worry as it is a disaster resilient building.

Apart from being an evacuation shelter, the buildings will also be of so much use to the community and learners as they will also be a place for people to access the internet for free. A WiFi will be installed at the building through the Starlink.

With these two Balay Pagdadarnan set to be constructed in Flora, Mayor Rodolfo Juan Sr. urged his constituents to take care of the projects given to them.

“Arakupen tayo dagitoy nga programa, arakupen tayo ket kailalaan tayo. Aramiden tayo dagiti obligasyon tayo nga mangsabat kadagitoy nga programa tapnu iti kasta ket datayo … ti agnap-ay ket datayo ngarud iti masapul nga mangaywan, mangaramid kadagiti obligasyon tayo met iti dagitoy nga proproyekto,” he conveyed.


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