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2 men in Cagayan went missing on November 28 in separate incidents

Baggao, Cagayan – Authorities and relatives of two men who went missing in Cagayan are seeking the public's assistance in locating them.

The two cases happened in separate incident in which the first on was identified as Charito Joaquin, 57, a resident of Zone 5, Santa Margarita, Baggao. Charito went missing on November 28 but was only reported to police on Thursday, November 30.

Joaquin was last seen getting out of their house in the morning of said date to plant corn along with other residents in the area. After the corn planting, he was not seen since then.

It is said that he might have drowned after allegedly crossing the river at the height of a heavy rainfall caused by the northeast monsoon.

Joaquin has a fair complexion, is medium-built, approximately 5’2 tall, and was wearing a blue raincoat and shorts at the time.

Meanwhile, in Santa Ana, Cagayan, a certain Elmer Valle, a resident of Casambalangan, also went missing after going fishing on the same date.

He was last seen onboard a green boat with a double engine.

For information on the case of Valle, his relative can be contacted at 09666433191.

In the meantime, the public may inform the Baggao Information Office on their Facebook page or contact them at 0992 245 4523 in case they come across Joaquin.



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