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  • Ivan Wandag

2021 TAMPCO officers take oath; CEO expects a job well done

Tabuk City, Kalinga – As the 43 Tabuk Multipurpose Cooperative Officers took their oath on Saturday, February 27, 2021, the cooperative’s CEO, Claudio Bagano said he is hopeful they will carry out their duties according to what is expected of them.

In an interview, Bagano said the officers should do their job ‘according to the plan and the job description in the policy’ by the cooperative. These expectations if successfully attained, he said, will contribute to the cooperative’s goal of getting more members and expanding their cooperative’s assets.

Bagano explained that a reinstallation of officers and reorganization were done since the cooperative’s constitution and bylaws require such event. He also added that the officers have been reinstated because a general assembly to elect officers was not possible due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

General assembly hampered by pandemic

As social gatherings is restricted, Bagano said the general assembly for this year did not push through, and as a result, some officers retained their position.

“We did not elect because there is no general assembly for this year, and the current officers, gapu garud ta awan election ituloy da for another year, on hold-over capacity using the virtue of their election idi 2020 nga nag assembly tayo,” he uttered.

Two types of TAMPCO officers

The CEO mentioned that the cooperative has two kinds of officers. The first one are those elected through assembly and the second those appointed by the Board of Directors.

Elected officers, he said include the BODs, Election Committee and the Audit Committee. Appointed officers on the other hand are those officers in the Credit Committee, Membership Committee, Mediation and Ethics Committee.

“For the appointed officers, they applied, they filed their application to the cooperative and the Election Committee screened them tapnu makita if they are qualified for the position. Now, amin dagidiay qualified naiforward idiay Board. It was then that the BODs selected them,” the CEO said.

When asked about the minimum qualification on said appointed positions, Bagano said should be members of the cooperative and has a good Standing.

Who are the 2021 board of directors?

Board of Directors for this year is composed of Alfredo Budaden as Chairman, Claudio Bagano as Vice Chairman, Carmelita Ayang-ang as Temporary Vice Chairman, Jeanne Frances Dapuyen, Dante Na-oy, Columbus Sallidao, Jefferson Wandag, Melchor Langbisan, William Puday, Patricia Abibico, Juliana Javillonar as members, Reynaldo Delgado as Secretary, Geronimo Sacramento Jr. as Treasurer and Atty. Dick Bal-o as Legal Officer.

Some of the plans of the cooperative this year, according to Bagano, are the application of TAMPCO to the Cooperative Development Authority for renewal of their term of existence for another 50 years and the celebration of their 50th anniversary.