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3 women injured in another Bontoc road accident

Bontoc, Mt. Province – Three individuals were injured while 9 others were sent home by attending physicians on Tuesday, May 3, 2022, in another road accident in Bontoc. This was after the elf truck they were riding overturned due to mechanical error.

The Public Information Office of Bontoc said in their report that the injured were Jennelyn Badecao, 52, Dolores Etong, 56, and Marilou Sicdadoy, 56. All are residents of Tapapan, Bauko.

Initial diagnosis revealed that Badecao had blunt thoracic injury, abrasion, 5th digit hand while Etong incurred multiple abrasions, face, and musculoskeletal strain secondary to VTA. Sicdadoy, on the other hand, suffered from a lacerated wound of 1.5cm, left eye, bone, abrasion, left hand, and contusion of the left thigh.

The initial investigation stated the truck’s shift knob malfunctioned when the driver, Robenson Damitan Bandiwan, tried to change gear while traversing the Bontoc-Maligcong Road.

The truck was ferrying 13 occupants including its driver coming from Bauko to Malicgong, Bontoc for a campaign activity when the accident happened.

While traversing an uphill section of the Bontoc-Maligcong Road at Sitio Tiki, Bontoc Ili, the driver failed to lower the gear when the gear knob malfunctioned. Having failed to provide more torque, the truck backtracked prompting the driver to apply the brakes but failed.

On its way downhill, the truck crashed on the cliff side of the road causing it to flip on its side shattering the windshield.

After helping the victims, the rescuers, consisting of the members of the Bontoc Emergency Response Team (BERT), together with the personnel of Bontoc MPS, Bontoc Municipal Fire Station, DOH personnel under the Nurse Deployment Program, placed the car back into its normal position to avoid traffic jam.

The oil spill was also covered with sand to prevent possible accidents to happen.

Meantime, in Barlig, 2 individuals were hurt after the van they were riding fell into a 10-meter-deep ravine this morning at Sitio Fuyak, Barangay Fiangtin.

The victims were identified as Arsemar Dogyaen Mislay, 47, and Annalyn Lozado Tami, 43.



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