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32-year-old man in Sta. Marcela kills three then himself

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Sta. Marcela, Apayao – A 32-year-old man shot three farmers dead at Sipa, Sta. Marcela without apparent reason before killing himself, according to a police report.

Another farmer was also wounded in the incident that transpired on Monday, August 29.

Those killed were identified by Sta. Marcela police as Bong Badua Ramirez, 48, Ryan Santi Soriano, 39, and Edmar Turilla Aguinaldo, 30. They were all residents of Sipa, Sta. Marcela.

The injured is Stephen Jones Baysa Salvatiera, 33.

As told by police, the suspect – Norvie Pacheco Romero, 32 and the victims were having a drinking spree at the residence of one of their friends when the incident happened.

For no apparent cause, Romero, in the middle of the session brought out a gun from his sling bag and started shooting his friends.

The three victims were consecutively shot by Romero on their heads resulting in their immediate death.

Salvatiera, on the other hand, was shot in his shoulder.

After hitting the victims, it was then that the suspect committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

As for their two other drinking buddies, they were able to run and hide from the suspect.

Meantime, Norberto Romero, the suspect’s father allegedly showed up at the scene of the crime and took the gun that his son used to kill both his victims and himself before fleeing.

After a hot pursuit operation, he was later arrested by Sta. Marcela police and recovered from him the firearm.

Police disclosed that the firearm is a Glock 17, Gen4 with defaced Serial Number.

Police filed a case against the father and will be facing a criminal charge for obstruction of justice.


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