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344 aspiring BSKE politicians in Sta. Marcela filed candidacies

Updated: Sep 19

Santa Marcela, Apayao – The Commission on Elections in Santa Marcela registered 344 prospective political leaders who filed certificates of candidacy for the next Barangay Sangguniang Kabataan Elections (BSKE) on October 30, 2023.

Of the municipality's 13 barangays, 25 filed for Punong Barangays, 179 for barangay Sangguniang members, 23 for SK chairpersons, and 117 for SK members.

In this regard, the commission, led by Election Officer Clifford Osillos, aggressively enforces the impending event's rules and regulations. Among these include actions that would render the candidates ineligible.

To avoid disqualification, candidates must follow the guidelines set, which include observing the size of permissible campaign materials, posting areas, allowable expenditures, and campaign period.

The agency also urges these aspirant leaders at the barangay level not to engage in vote buying, which includes any form of giving in kind with political intents.

Following the election period, any winning or losing candidates must file their Statements of Contributions and Expenditures (SOCE) relating to the campaign and other election-related expenditures, since this will also reflect transparency and may determine disqualifications.

Meantime, Comelec - Sta. Marcela encourages voters to file written complaints with attached supporting documents and evidence in case they have found grounds for disqualification of running officials.

Election Assistant Desyrie D. Malto, on the other hand, stated that previous election activities had been successful and peaceful in the municipality.

"So far, in our records, we have no account of vote buying, or any complaint relative to BSKE," she remarked.

Meanwhile, there are 8,382 registered voters who will be voting for barangay officials next month.



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