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4 provinces, 1 town in Cordillera under state of calamity

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Tabuk City, Kalinga – With the adverse impact of Super Typhoon Egay in the Cordillera, four of its provinces and one municipality in Ifugao are now under a state of calamity.

These are the provinces of Abra, Mt. Province, Apayao, Benguet, and the municipality of Tinoc in Ifugao.

When a state of calamity is declared, local governments in the affected area are allowed to use their calamity fund for the repair of damaged infrastructure, support social sectors, and meet other needs of its impacted citizens.

Also, the increase in the price of prime commodities will be prohibited, and loans with no attached interest will be allowed, especially for those affected by the disaster when a declaration of such is made.

The first province to declare is Abra, which initially reported that the total estimated damage cost of houses, agriculture, and infrastructure amounted to P24,669,183 prior to the declaration of such a state.

Next to Abra is Mt. Province, having reported initial damages to infrastructure, road networks, agricultural areas, and other sectors, amounting to P423,318.20.

It was followed by the province of Apayao since it incurred a total of P1,267,320,043.38 initial damages to critical facilities, lifeline communication networks, infrastructure, agriculture, and infrastructure, among others.

Benguet officials on Wednesday, August 2, declared during a special meeting the same status in said province.

Officials noted that Egay caused damage to 103 of the 140 barangays in Benguet. Most were houses, resulting in the evacuation of its residents, while some even lost their lives. Benguet has already listed 7 deaths.

Damages, meantime, include P8 million for the Benguet Electric Cooperative and P35 million for the National Irrigation Authority and 24 of the 57 provincial roads as well as to the agricultural sector.


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