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44-year-old yKalinga runner wins 16 km Itogonia Trail Run 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A 44 year-old yKalinga trail runner bested 156 other runners in the 16-kilometer category of the Itogonia Trail Run 2022 held Sunday, June 5, 2022 in Baguio City.

Ronald Donaal, , a former coach of athletes joining Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) meet, said that he participated in the race desiring only to be a finisher.

It turned out later that he finished the race as Top 1 in his category due to some errors committed by other runners.

The route in said running event is described by its organizers as ‘a blend of lightning fast descents to jaw clenching climbs’ as its starting route is in Baguio City heading to the mountainous trail of Itogon municipality.

In an interview, Donaal said that he was logged as number 6 on said category in the preliminary results. But after consideration of the rules and regulations and mandatory wearing of running gears in the final results, he emerged first.

“Diay final result per web scorer considering dagidiay deductions, top 1 nak. Kumpleto nak gamin gears which are mandatory in joining the race,” Donaal shared.

Mandatory gear and items runners should wear include race bib, whistle, hydration system, extra trail food as reserve fuel in between aid stations, fully-charged phone with load and containing the emergency number and a windbreaker or rain jacket.

How Donaal maintains stamina and speed

Most of those who joined the 16-kilometer category, according to Donaal, were younger than him.

GURU Press Cordillera asked Donaal his secret to keep up with other younger runners. Donaal revealed that continuous training and consistency is his key to perform better.

“Adda indevelop ko nga sarilik nga training program, based ti literature ken years of experience... like nu how many days agtaray in a week, distance, nu slow ba or fast, kasdiay,” he said.

He added that he usually runs long distances on Sundays and schedules rest or recovery period.

Further, Donaal likewise competes yearly in the MILO Marathon and has always been one of the qualifiers for national finals.

The said marathon has been suspended for some time due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic.

For this month, Donaal is set to participate in the Matagoan Run which is expected to be held in the city.


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