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Death of 51-yr.-old man in Isabela linked to suicide

Isabela, Philippines – A deceased laborer was found by authorities inside a room in Pascual Village, Barangay San Antonino, Burgos, Isabela on Sunday, Jan. 07, 2024.


Identified by the local law enforcement only by alias “Rod,” the victim was a 51-year-old married man from San Mateo, Quirino, Isabela.


An investigation by Burgos Police Station revealed that the victim had been engaged in a drinking spree at a videoke bar, accompanied by a friend identified as Aris Ruiz.

Following their session, Ruiz escorted “Rod” to the former’s residence in a bid to ensure the latter’s safety as he was already drunk.


As Ruiz tended to chores outside the house, he heard a gunshot from within the room where “Rod” had been resting.


Rushing back inside, Ruiz saw his friend's lifeless body, who had been fatally shot in the head.


Accordingly, the gun that caused the tragedy was recognized as Rod's .38 caliber revolver recovered at the scene.


While the authorities continue their thorough examination, the victim's family remains resolute in their belief that Rod tragically ended his own life.


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