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53 Pasil farmers train to improve heirloom rice production

Pasil, Kalinga – To improve heirloom rice production in the locality, some 53 farmer-members of Pasil Multipurpose Cooperative (PAMPCO) underwent training on Organic Agricultural Practices for Heirloom Rice Farming on Friday, September 09 in Amdalao, Pasil.

Heirloom rice are known to be healthier than usual lowland rice and is priced higher. Demand of the heirloom rice in Kalinga has seen increase as people become more health conscious.

Heirloom rice is a product of PAMPCO, a Farmers Cooperative in Pasil, that was earlier featured in national TV after reporting success in their entrepreneurial endeavor.

The training was facilitated by the regional Department of Science and Technology through the Provincial Science and Technology Office in Kalinga province.

In a press release, PSTC-Kalinga stated that Farm Superintendent II and Organic Agriculture Focal Person of the Municipal Agriculture Services Office, Rowena Gonnay served as resource speaker.

Farmer-participants were introduced to the principles, components and importance of the Palay Check System, a dynamic integrated crop management system for rice that provides recommendations on the procedures and target based on best management practices for a particular agro-ecological condition for farm-level adaptation.

Gonnay underscored that out of the major key checks of the Palay Check System, the seed quality is the foundation of farming thus, it is necessary for farmers to check the seeds first. She likewise stressed principles and other key check recommendations, so they could employ innovation for the improvement of their crop management practices.

Further, hands on training on organic fertilizer making and concoction were provided after the lecture.

According to Gonnay, fermented plant juice is suitable to use for any crop, especially heirloom rice because it provides a natural source of nutrients that enhances plant growth and health without harming the environment and the farmer's pocket.

It is expected that the production of the cooperative will improve more after said effort.


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