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Mother in Isabela saves daughter's friend, ends in double drowning tragedy

Updated: Feb 14

San Mariano, Isabela - A friends' bonding turned into tragedy after two individuals died from drowning in a river in San Mariano, Isabela, on Friday, February 9.


The first casualty was identified by San Mariano police as Stefanny Guillermo, 13, a grade 6 student.


The second casualty was Marry Anne Bacud, 51, who attempted to save Stefanny from drowning.

In his interview with local media, San Mariano Deputy Chief of Police Julius Telan relayed that Stefanny, along with her two friends, had invited each other for a walk that day.


When the three reached the Pinacanauan River in Barangay Minanga, Stefanny suddenly jumped into the water and drowned.


One of her friends ran to their house and informed Marry Anne about the situation.


Wanting to save her child's friend, Marry Anne jumped into the river, which was described as five meters deep. Sadly, she drowned as well.


Upon notification of the incident, responding authorities attempted to save the victims' lives. Unfortunately, Marry Anne and Stefanny did not survive.


As a result of the incident, police are reminding parents in the municipality to keep an eye on their children to prevent such incidents from occurring again.