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61-yr.-old man who fell into a creek in Balbalan, Kalinga, still missing

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Balantoy, Balbalan – A search is underway for a 61-year-old man from Sitio Ligayan, Balantoy, Balbalan who went missing after he fell into a creek and was carried away by raging waters on Saturday, October 29.

Severino Lumacday, the victim, was heading home from Centro Balantoy as Typhoon Paeng battered the area with rains when he fell off a cliff and tumbled down into a creek connecting to Saltan River.

In an interview with GURU Press Cordillera, Caren Manait of MDRRMO Balbalan said the incident happened at the boundary of Sitio Kilayon and Sitio Ligayan.

“Natinnag (the victim) between Sitio Kilayon and Ligayan, dirraas diyay tapos adda ti waig sunga naiyanod,” Manait said.

After being informed of the incident, barangay officials of Balantoy immediately conducted a search and rescue operation but were put on hold due to nonstop rains and strong winds.

This morning, Manait said the search and rescue operation continues and is being conducted by the municipal rescuers, PNP Balbalan and BFP-Balbalan.

With the said incident, MDRMMO Balbalan advised the public to postpone their supposed travel, and not to leave their houses except for emergency purposes.

“I-postpone or awan kuma pay lang ti ag-travel or rumrumwar ta haan nga safe ti dalan ken kalkalpas pay gamin earthquake so prone talaga iti landslide karkaro dagiti high risk areas,” the office stated.

As recalled, Balantoy along with other 13 barangays of Balbalan has been identified by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau as some of the areas in Kalinga susceptible to landslides and flooding.


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