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70-yr.-old French thanks Barlig community for his successful rescue

Barlig, Mt. Province – The Barlig Municipal Police Station joined forces with the Barlig Local Government Unit (LGU) in commemorating the French-Barlig Community Friendship celebration and thanksgiving party held at the municipal function hall in Gawana, Barlig, Mt. Province on Thursday, January 04.


This event was organized to celebrate the successful rescue of French tourist, Francioly Jacques, 70, who had gone missing in 2020 within the dense forests of Barlig, triggering a comprehensive search effort.


After a week-long search, he was discovered alive on January 20, 2020, in a ravine at Sitio Sikling, Latang village of Barlig.

The successful rescue was attributed to the collaborative efforts of the local government unit, particularly under the leadership of Mayor Clark Ngaya, and the unified community response.


The said celebration, graciously initiated by Jacques himself, aimed at acknowledging the concerted efforts of Barlig authorities, the local community, and other concerned agencies involved in his rescue almost three years ago.


The event also emphasized the importance of fostering partnerships with the international community as a means to enhance access to community development initiatives.


The active participation of Barlig MPS personnel in this celebratory event underscores their dedication to community engagement and collaboration beyond law enforcement duties.


Amidst the celebration, the Barlig police issued a reminder to all tourists visiting the town to adhere strictly to established rules and policies. These cautionary advisory aims to ensure the safety and security of visitors while exploring the scenic beauty and natural landscapes of Barlig.



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