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71-yr.-old woman in Tabuk seeks help to recover valuable belongings stolen from parked car

Updated: Apr 4

Tabuk City, Kalinga – A 71-year-old woman in Tabuk City is seeking assistance after a culprit targeted her parked car, taking away valuable belongings on Monday, April 1.


The incident transpired at the national road in Ipil, Tabuk City, in front of a private school located in said area.


The victim, a resident of Cudal, Tabuk City, found herself a victim of theft when they went to deliver some goods to one of their customers.


According to her, they left their car unlocked momentarily since she also wanted to meet her daughter’s customer.

When they returned to their vehicle moments later, Josephine Lumines, the victim, was shocked to discover that her ladies' bag and a money bag containing around P9,000 to P10,000 cash was already missing.


The bag also contained various identification cards, debit and credit cards, a passbook, 2 Samsung android phones, a driver’s license, bunch of keys, among other personal belongings.


Lumines immediately reported the event to police and is urging anyone with information regarding the incident to come forward. Monetary reward shall be given to anyone who could return the items particularly the phones, IDs and cards.

Lumines can be reached through cellphone number, 0905-310-1322.


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Keithley Lumines
Keithley Lumines
03 de abr.

You can also contact 09629392365 if you have any information or able to retrieve items stolen inside the bag. Thank you