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8 vintage bombs found in construction site in Mayoyao, Ifugao

Mayoyao, Ifugao – While riprapping, a construction worker came across unexploded bombs at Sitio Pongto, Bato-Alatbang, Mayoyao, on Thursday, December 28.


Aware of the danger the explosive devices might cause, he informed Mayoyao police of what he had found.


Mayoyao Police, after being alerted, coordinated with the Ifugao Provincial Explosive and Canine Unit (PECU), the concerned unit on explosives for the safe retrieval of the vintage bombs.


Excavation was made, resulting in the unearthing of eight corroded 81-mm-high explosive bombs.


The explosives were later ferried to the temporary safe storage facility of the Ifugao PECU for safekeeping before their disposal.


Ifugao police expressed appreciation to Rolando Bongchol Rofino for the timely reporting of the unexploded ordnance found which signifies the active participation of the community in public safety.


They also urged the public to immediately notify concerned authorities if they happen to unearth or find similar explosives.


This is to prevent any undesirable events that could happen if such cases are mishandled.


To recall, a vintage bomb was also unearthed on December 15 in a technical vocational school in Lamut, which is also a municipality in Ifugao.


The said ordnance, an 81 mm illuminating high explosive bomb, was sighted by a school employee who went to urinate at the back of the school on said date.

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