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94% of Kalinga police vaccinated

Tabuk City, Kalinga − Around 94% of the Philippine National Police force in the Province of Kalinga are already inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Police Provincial Director Colonel Davy Vicente Limmong revealed this saying that the first ones to receive the Covid-19 jab were the medical team, followed by the police with comorbidities, then those who qualified during the mass vaccination of PNP Kalinga held from August 10 to 12 and on the 16th.

Limmong added that of this 94%, 18% were vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine, 72% AstraZeneca, and the rest is Sinovac.

Meantime, the remaining 6% unvaccinated personnel are the ones who are pregnant, the nursing mothers, those who were sick during the mass vaccination, and those with allergic reactions.

The Kalinga Police Provincial Director expressed that the inoculation of the police boosts their confidence in working at the frontline and in rendering services to the public amidst the Covid-19 pandemic because they are now protected.

“It gives more confidence kadagiay personnel tayo nga agdu-duty. Confident da, ta just in case infected din sila, there’s a lesser chance of having severe [symptoms],” he said.

Limmong further said that even after receiving the vaccine, the personnel are still advised to maintain the minimum health protocol, not just to protect themselves but also to protect the people around them, specifically those who are yet to receive the vaccine.

Meanwhile, since the start of the pandemic, the Kalinga Police Provincial Office recorded a cumulative total of 172 Covid-19 infections with 1 active case.

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