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98 Tabukeños get share of P11.5M SAAD intervention

Tabuk City, Kalinga – An amount of P11 573,000 for the implementation of the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD) program for fisherfolks in Kalinga was provided to the fisher community with 98 Tabukenos identified as beneficiaries.

The said intervention is purposed to increase fish supply in the province, improve aquaculture for sustainable fisheries development, reduce poverty, and advocate food security.

Its implementation included the dispersal of 110,000 fingerlings and 20 bags of fry mash feeds which was conducted on July 8-9, 2021 by the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) -Kalinga.

Recipient Barangays in Tabuk City

19 barangays of the city were listed as recipients which include Barangays Amlao, Calaccad, Appas, Balong, Calanan, Dagupan Weste, Laya East, Nambaran, Nambucayan, Naneng, San Juan, Bulo, Cabaruan, Bulanao , San Julian, Lacnog, Dilag, Ipil and Bagumbayan.

Each fisher recipient received fingerlings in accordance to to their fishpond area.

For owners of 200 square meter fishponds, they received 10,000 fingerlings and 11 bags of feeds.

“Nu below 200 meters ka, ited mi lang diay eksakto nga bilang para idiay area ti fishpond mo,” Cliford Fernandez, Aquaculturist I of BFAR-Kalinga said.

Aside from the fingerlings and feeds, technical assistance and other equipment shall be provided to the farmers at a later date. The equipment to be given are harvesting nets, holding nets, cages and weighing scales.

Fernandez said the equipment shall be delivered in the next three months after checking that the livelihood project was properly implemented.

Qualifications of recipients/beneficiaries

Those qualified for the livelihood intervention of the agency through the SAAD program are fisherfolks who registered for the program and were validated by the Office of the City Agricultural Services.

“Dagidiay adda fishpond na, nagregister da, napan da idiay LGU Tabuk tapnu ibaga da diay intent da nga kayat da nga makinayun idiay project nga SAAD, itattan vinalidate metten iti LGU, napan da nag-geo tag tapnu kitaen da nu mabalin idiay project ken nu diay fishpond ket talaga nga existing ,” Fernandez stated.

After validation, OCAS invited those who showed interest for the program for the social preparation trainings. Those who had completed the training were selected as beneficiaries.

“After diay orientation, qualified dan and then adda met diay makuna nga re-validation, idiay nga makita nu sinurut da met lang dagidiay naibaga idiay training so dagidiay haan nga simmurut, maikkat da ket dagidiay met simmurut, isu ti mainayun idiay listaan ti Tabuk for the program,” he explained.

Other recipients in the province are 81 fishers from Pasil, 174 from Tanudan and 132 in Balbalan.

Municipalities unmentioned are still in the process of social preparations, trainings and validation of their fishponds.


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