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A week of zero index-crimes in Kalinga recorded

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Tabuk City, Kalinga – No index crimes or crimes against a person and property were recorded this November 2 – 8 in the entire province, according to report of Philippine National Police – Kalinga.

Index crimes include the 8 focus crimes such as murder, homicide, physical injury, motor napping, car napping, theft, robbery, and rape.

These crimes from January to October this year had remarkably dropped with 55 incidents recorded, 22.54 % lower than the 71 cases in the same period last year.

According to Kalinga Police Provincial Director PCol. Davy Vicente Limmong, the decline of index crimes could be attributed to the lockdown imposed due to Covid-19 as well as the still limited movement of people.

Non-Index Crimes

Meantime, while crimes against a person and property dropped, non-index crimes or those violations of special laws or local ordinances increased from January to October 2020 compared from the same period in 2019.

According to Kalinga Police Provincial Office data, there were 339 non-index crimes recorded from January to October this year, this is 5.61% higher from the 321 incidents last year.

The increase of non-index crimes, as said by Limmong, is due to the continuous operations on illegal drugs, anti gambling, and illegal firearms.

“Ti ikaskasta tayo continues jay operation tayo especially on violations on special laws ta it will also contribute on the violation of jay index crimes. So nu the more nga medyo aduen tayo or we sustain our operations against this violation on special laws karkaru daytoy illegal drugs, of course medyo mareduce metlang ti other violent incidents,” The Kalinga Police Provincial Director said.

3 individuals arrested in a day

Meanwhile, just this November 9, the Kalinga police responded to a call from the Barangay Officials of Nambaran about 2 individuals who allegedly bought illegal drugs from suspected drug peddlers.

Based on the report of Kapulisan Ng Kalinga, confiscated items from the suspects include 2 small sachets containing substance suspected to be shabu and a unit of tricycle.

Moreover, another suspect was arrested in Liwan West, Rizal after selling 2 pieces of small sachets suspected to be shabu in a buy-bust operation afternoon of said date. Other items confiscated from him include 3 pieces of small sachets containing the same suspected illegal drugs and the buy-bust money.

According to Pnp Rizal Kalinga, the suspect is a former “Oplan Tokhang” surrenderer and is listed as a High Value Drug Personality.




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