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Abra official surrenders firearm after arrest of SB member, 2 others for illegal possession of guns

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Pilar, Abra – Following the arrest of three individuals, including a Sangguniang Bayan member in Pilar, Abra, for violation of RA 10591 or the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Act of 2013, an Abra official voluntarily surrendered an M1 Garand Rifle Caliber 30 at 2:45 PM on Tuesday, October 19.

Pilar SB member Tyron Christoper Beroña voluntarily surrendered the firearm without bullets in support of the Philippine National Police’s ‘Campaign against loose firearms’, Abra today reported.

The voluntary surrender was facilitated by PNP Abra headed by PMAJ June Banate Tabigo-on, Chief of Provincial Intelligence Unit of Abra PPO, with the direct supervision of PCOL Christopher T. Acop, Provincial Director of PNP Abra.

As recalled, a police report published on Tuesday, October 19, cited that by virtue of a search warrant issued by Judge Maria Ligaya V. Itliong-Rivera, the Abra police arrested three individuals in the early morning of October 18, which include incumbent Pilar Sangguniang Bayan member George Dela Rosa Sotelo, 43, and two other relatives identified by police as Ferdinand Sape Dela Rosa, 40, and Paterno Castilla Sotelo, 63, for having in their possession various firearms and ammunitions.

The simultaneous implementation of the search warrant conducted by joint operatives of PROCOR Regional Intelligence Division (RID) and Abra Police Provincial Office (PPO) led to the confiscation of the suspects’ residences with various firearms and ammunitions.

Based on police report, operatives found (1) M1A1 Elisco baby Armalite rifle with four (4) long magazines, three (3) short magazines, and 134 pcs live ammunition; one (1) cal. 45 M1911 A1 with three (3) magazine assemblies, and 20 pcs live ammunition; one (1) cal. 9mm LLAMA with one (1) magazine assembly and five (5) pcs of live ammunitions; two (2) pcs long magazine of carbine; two (2) pcs short magazine of carbine; and 13 pcs live ammunitions of carbine rifle at George Sotelo’s residence.

Meantime, from Ferdinand Dela Rosa’s residence, authorities confiscated two (2) cal 5.56mm M16 rifle, two (2) long magazine assembly, one (1) short magazine assembly, and 71 pcs live ammunitions while from Paterno Sotelo’s residence, one (1) cal 45 Colt with inserted magazine loaded with seven (7) live ammunitions were found.

Arrested suspects and confiscated pieces of evidence, police said, were brought to Abra PPO for proper documentation, while charges against them for violation of the Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Act of 2013 are being prepared.

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