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Action-packed Cordilleran Film set for international release in 2022

Baguio City, Philippines – The action-packed Cordilleran film, ‘1941: Cordillera Iti Ima Ti Gubat’, which features local and national artists, is set to be released internationally this year.

This is according to Director Jennylyn Delos Santos-Floresca, also known as Direk Jianlin, the Be Unrivaled Productions and Sine Cordillera director and executive producer and the director of the ‘Dayas,’ another Cordilleran film that won many international and national awards.

The official trailer of the soon-to-be-finished Cordilleran film was released on December 14, 2021, and can be viewed through the YouTube account of Sine Cordillera. For those interested, the trailer can be watched through

The film, as earlier revealed by the director, will be forwarded as an official entry to the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. The festival ‘discovers and showcases top-quality films which enhanced the development of cinema while promoting the development of the global film industry.’

Preview of ‘1941: Cordillera Iti Ima Ti Gubat’

Direk Jianlin said the film ‘pays homage to our roots as Cordillerans as the film shows the struggles and sacrifices of our ancestors during the Japanese Occupation Era.

“A part of the story revolves around the sacrifices of Libnos played by Ms. Dexter Tampoa, a Cordilleran woman who sacrificed a lot to save her people. Our Cordilleran Warrior Spirit shone the brightest in this film through the performance of Team Lakay as they fought for our land, freedom, and against all the atrocities done by various negative forces,” Direk Jianlin added.

The film likewise portrayed that not all Japanese people during their occupation were horrible, contrary to those presented in war films.

Cordilleran talents in the film

According to Direk Jianlin, starring in the film are the Cordilleran Champions Team Lakay’s Coach Mark Sangiao; Lito “The Thunderkid” Adiwang; Joshua “The Passion” Pacio; Stephen “The Sniper” Loman; Geje “The Gravity” Eustaquio, and Jhanlo Mark “The Machine.”

The National Artist for Film, Tatak Kidlat Tahimik, and more local artists were also featured in the film.

Hopes for the film to stream via Netflix

Aiming to reach more platforms such as Netflix, the director used ‘4k cameras to fit Netflix’s requirements and to ensure the best video quality to capture every scene.’ This goal, she said, is for the authenticity of the culture in the region to be showcased and at the same time establish cultural awareness.

Support local artists and film

Direk Jianlin through his radio program, called for the public to support local productions such as the film, saying ‘bagi tayo daytoy, agbiag ti Cordillera!’



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