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Additional compensation for teachers in Tabuk expected in November

Tabuk City, Kalinga - “Good news kadagiti nagagaget nga mamaestra tayo, adda diay benefits dan mangrugi tatta nga November,” informed ABC President and Councilor Henry ‘Dagul’ Tubban, Jr.

The statement of Dagul Tubban came after being notified that the Tabuk City’s Ordinance 009 series 2020 otherwise known as “An Ordinance Providing Support and Compensation for Educators and Other Personnel in Basic Education,” has been allotted a budget to augment the City Division Office’s teachers and personnel additional cash benefit.

The monthly incentive shall be given to them starting in November 2021.

Dagul Tubban, the proponent of the ordinance approved by the City Council, said this gift to teachers and the education work force is timely as the world is commemorating the National Teacher’s Day every October 5.

Dagul Tubban added that he hopes the additional compensation given to them would be of help as they work hard, putting their own health and safety at risk amid the health crisis.

“Continuous latta nga ikkan tayo ti suporta dagiti teachers tayo ken dagiti education personnel because, frankly speaking, we know consciously that they do so much for the students and pupils. More than 8 hours ti trabaho da uray idi awan pay iti pandemic. Malpas ti eskwela ket ituloy da ti trabaho da iti babbalay da. So karkaru pay a tatta nga doble ti risk kanya da,” Tubban expressed.

“A funding worth at about P8.8 million annually is sourced out from the City LGU’s General Fund," he said.

The proposed ordinance stated that the amount of 500 pesos per month shall be granted to the beneficiaries – public school teachers in both elementary and secondary schools, including those non-teaching personnel that are hired by the Department of Education (DepEd) Tabuk.

Under the ordinance, Public School Teachers are those engaged in actual classroom teaching in public education, teaching ALS, teaching employment with the Philippine Science High school System; and school-based supervisory, managerial, administrative, and/or technical functions in basic education.

As of 2020, City Division Office data shows that there are 1,220 teaching personnel, 130 non-teaching personnel plus 120 principals, supervisors, head teachers, librarians and guidance councilors totaling to an overall count of 1,470 personnel employed in DepEd Tabuk.

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