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‘Double your defense; Delta may come anytime’ - Mayor Malannag to yPasil

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Pasil, Kalinga-Municipal Mayor of Pasil Alfredo Malannag Jr. urged residents to take extra precautions against the Delta variant also known as B.1.617.2 since it is more contagious or more deadly than other COVID-19 strains.

Malannag reiterated this after the Department of Health detected 216 Delta cases in the country.

“Kayat ko ipakaammu kadagiti kailyan a taga-Pasil nga agannad tayu iti doble iti daytoy a Delta variant. A kas makita tayo iti balita, mas kabutbuteng daytoy a klase ti COVID,” the mayor stated.

While keeping the general welfare and well-being of yPasil as his foremost concern, Malannag asked the community to cooperate and follow protocols set by the Municipal Inter-Agency Task Force (MIATF).

The mayor likewise encouraged the barangay task force heads to remain vigilant in monitoring their area of responsibility, especially the prohibition of social gatherings known as source of virus super spreaders.

Get vaccinated to be protected

Meanwhile, Malannag called on “all yPasil to be brave enough and take part to mark a full compliance to priority list of COVID-19 vaccination for senior citizens and persons with comorbidities.”

Malannag pointed that the vaccination turned to be the best protection that the government can offer to the public.

“Be open to ask questions from our Rural Health Unit (RHU) staff as they are trying their very best to reach you in extending the package of health care services,” the mayor stated.

“Malasatan tayu daytoy nga yPasil nu amin tayu ket agmaymaysa. Chumilang Pasil,” Malannag concluded.


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