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Agbannawag, among ‘cleanest and greenest’ Barangay in Tabuk City

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Tabuk City, Kalinga – With the stakeholder's collective effort in maintaining cleanliness in their community, Barangay Agbannawag was adjudged the 3rd place in the recently concluded search for the ‘Cleanest and Greenest Barangay’-Urban Category in Tabuk City, Kalinga this year.

Last Wednesday, November 28, Agbannawag received their cash prize amounting to P42,500 and a plaque of recognition at the Tabuk City Hall.

Prior to becoming a recipient of said award, Barangay Agbannawag, headed by Captain Zarex Guisob, his fellow barangay officials, and their constituents, helped and worked together to keep their environment clean.

It includes the cleaning of highways and water canals, proper waste disposal, greening, community garden, roadside, and community beautification, among others.

With them receiving the award, Captain Guisob expressed his gratitude to his comrades in the public service and his constituents for their willingness and participation to maintain a clean and green surrounding.

“Agyaman tayu kadagiti bumaranggay ta very cooperative da maiwaragawag lang ti pinagdalus ket rumuar da amin nga addan sako nga iggem da ket ti pagmayatan na mabuybuya ida dagiti sumarsaruno nga henerasyon ket isu ti pagsarmingan da,” Guisob added.

As shared by the barangay captain, the barangay tied with Barangay Ipil in the third place.

What is Cleanest and Greenest Barangay program?

The program is under Tabuk City Local Government Unit in partnership with the City Natural Resources Department that aims to make streets and alleys spic-and-span with the community members helping in sweeping up trash, removing all forms of vandalism, and beautifying public infrastructure in the community.

It shall likewise make every household to be aware of the proper ways of segregating waste materials and encourage them to plant vegetables inside their backyard.


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