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‘Aguinaldo, Ifugao compliant with product standards’ – DTI Ifugao

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Aguinaldo, Ifugao – Steel bars sold in the municipality randomly inspected by the Department of Trade and Industry-Ifugao in partnership with the Local Government Unit of Aguinaldo and Aguinaldo police were found compliant with Philippine National Standards (PNS) 211:2002 and PNS 49:2002.

The monitoring was done at hardware stores in the municipality on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 to ensure that consumers purchase safe and quality products from establishments engaged in said business.

The quality of said products is of high importance, especially in mountainous areas like the province. DTI Ifugao, in a press release, said that steel bars are among products used as concrete reinforcement in construction activities and therefore listed for mandatory certification.

Products that have an impact on people's and the environment's quality of life, safety, and health are specified for required certification, and one of those listed is construction materials.

“Under these certification schemes, mandatory products are not allowed to be distributed in the Philippine market without the necessary Philippine Standards (PS) mark or Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) sticker,” DTI Ifugao highlighted.

Business establishments involved are required to obtain the PS License or the ICC certificates before distribution of these products in the country.

For steel bars, DTI Ifugao mentioned that they do not have a PS Mark or an ICC sticker for traceability and verification purposes, but they have mandatory markings which are the embossed manufacturer's identifying mark (logo) and bar size.

“Other details about the steel bar are written on the tag attached to the bundled steel products,” they added.

With the particular details, people involved in steel bar businesses and their consumers are advised to locate the Bureau of Philippine Standards-approved markings with the appropriate bar size before getting them.

The markings and accurate weight and length measurements guarantee the reliability and safety of the product.


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