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Aguinaldo police, stakeholders build house for 63-yr.-old man

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Aguinaldo, Ifugao – Police personnel, along with local officials, concerned individuals, and organizations in Aguinaldo, Ifugao, are putting effort, time, and money into building a decent house for a sexagenarian living alone in Chalalo village.

‘Tatay’ Junior Bettag, 63, with no source of income, has been staying at a dilapidated house as he cannot afford supplies necessary for the repair of his shelter.

Through the ‘Pabahay Project’ of the Municipal Advisory Group for Police Transformation and Development of Aguinaldo Municipal Police Station, in partnership with the municipal government unit headed by Mayor Gaspar Chilagan Jr., Bettag’s house is now being built by the cops with the aid of the community.

Said initiative is likewise in collaboration with Ifugao Helping Hands, Inc., Born to Help Team, 2nd Ifugao Provincial Mobile Force Company.

Other residents and officials in town have chipped in, while some donated materials for the house construction.

‘Tatay’ Bettag is the first grantee of the Aguinaldo MAGPTD’s ‘Pabahay Project’ but this is not the first time that the police officers put up a house for their constituents. In December 2021, they turned over a house they built for ‘Nanay’ Olivia Balinon of Sitio Ampangal, Galonogon, as part of their then housing project dubbed as ‘Pamhod uh, Abfong Mu’ which literally translates as ‘My love is your Shelter.’

For donations, message Ifugao Helping Hands, Inc. or PNP Aguinaldoon their Facebook accounts.



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