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Aguinaldo unveils first OTOP hub, showcasing local ingenuity and creativity

Aguinaldo, Ifugao – A significant milestone unfolds in Aguinaldo, Ifugao as the town launched on Monday, Jan. 08, its inaugural One-Town, One-Product (OTOP) kiosk.


The unveiling of the OTOP hub, nestled in the heart of barangay Galonogon at Violy's Sari-Sari Store, not only serves as a marketplace but also stands as an emblem of the town's dedication to nurturing indigenous talent and fostering economic resilience. As visitors traverse its offerings, they embark on a journey that celebrates local craftsmanship and cultural wealth.

Spearheaded by the Department of Trade and Industry - Ifugao OIC-Provincial Director Francis D. Pacio along with the proprietor, Violy Buhong, and Mayor Gaspar Chilagan Jr., the kiosk showcases an impressive array of products from delectable, processed foods to intricately woven apparel and exquisite handicrafts, encapsulating the diverse talents and creativity of Aguinaldo's artisans.


Director Pacio emphasized the DTI's unwavering dedication to bolstering Aguinaldo's Micro, Small, and Medium-scale Enterprises (MSMEs) by orchestrating various marketing initiatives. This commitment reaffirms the agency's intent to fortify local businesses and foster economic growth within the town.


Enthusiasts of homegrown products are encouraged to immerse themselves in Aguinaldo's rich tapestry of offerings by visiting the OTOP Hub. By patronizing these locally-made gems, consumers not only acquire exceptional products but also contribute to the empowerment of Aguinaldo's vibrant entrepreneurial spirit.


The OTOP Philippines program, a pivotal stimulus initiative for MSMEs, signifies the government's tailored approach to nurturing inclusive economic development. It empowers communities to identify, cultivate, support, and showcase products or services entrenched in local culture, creativity, and competitive edge.

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