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Kalinga launches ‘Lumin-awa Festival’ during the celebration of IP month

Tabuk City, Kalinga – In celebration of the Indigenous People's Month, Kalinga State University, along with other government agencies in the province, successfully launched on Monday, October 24 the Lumin-awa Festival.

Said festival is organized with the Cordillera Autonomy Regional Summit and the signature campaign for self-governance.

The occasion demonstrated the support for the autonomy bill with various activities.

During the event, Michael Karel Sugguiyao, Provincial Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative, challenged the Kalinga youth to understand the benefits of pursuing self-governance and support it.

The event was graced by Kalinga Governor James Edduba, Provincial Indigenous Peoples Mandatory Representative Michael Karel Sugguiyao, Director of NCIP Atty. Catherine Gayagay-Apaling, Tabuk City IPMR Sandra Uyam and KSU President Eduardo Bagtang.

The “Lumin-awa” Festival

Lumin-awa is an indigenous term that connotes peace, progress, and a better life base in the culture and practices of the indigenous people of the Cordillera, according to the festival's organizer, Director Marilou Alngag of KSU.

Additionally, KSU President Bagtang, during his speech highlighted the ‘lumin-awa’ as a well-being of the Kalinga people.

“Lumin-awa is a well-being of all the people of Kalinga that we should all possess the necessary characteristics of a good citizen of this county and good people of Kalinga. We should have all the prosperity, good health, good well being so that we have this Lumin-awangan Festivals,” he expressed.

Through said festival, series of activities are conducted within the province.

These activities include painting, music, dance, indigenous booth and indigenous culinary such as binungor and inandila. The winners of each activity will receive prizes during the culminating activity on November 3, 2022.


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