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“Ang sikreto magkaisa tayo… makakamtan natin ang pag-asa” - Apayao Cong. Bulut-Begtang

Updated: Apr 26

Luna, Apayao – Apayao Congresswoman Eleanor Bulut Begtang shared the secret of Apayao on how it managed to host CARAA for the third time despite the challenges which come along with it.


“We always find joy in everything that we do as leaders of Apayao… alam niyo kasi, there’s this joy kasi … and I’m very proud to tell you this na, in the province, sama sama lahat,” the Congresswoman said.


Cong. Leah, during the closing ceremony of the 2024 CARAA Meet, related how brave Governor Elias Bulut Jr. in accepting the call to host the regional athletic meet for the first time in 2013, the second time in 2019.


In 2013, the Apayao Eco-tourism and Sports Complex in Payanan, Luna was still being developed and the governor himself was on the ground working to ready a conducive playing venue for the athletes.

“During that time, we are still developing this area. Naalala ko, si governor yung driver ng pison, kada bulldozer kas kada backhoe,” she recalled, adding that the province had to make ways to cope with challenges like dealing with insufficient water in the area and finding resources.


In 2019, many things improved, including additional facilities for sporting venues and areas, yet problems on water source and availability of food and eateries were still experienced.


In spite of the obstacles, Begtang stressed the united spirit of the people of Apayao made it possible to meet the basic and most important needs of the delegates.


The congresswoman then relayed that cooperation is the secret to fulfilling a purpose saying, “so yun lang ang sikreto pala, magkaisa lang tayo and you’re all witnesses to this. Magkaisa lang tayo from the barangays up to the highest entity of the province, makakamtan ang pag-asa.”


Begtang ended her message by thanking all the people behind the success of the CARAA Meet 2024, and for working hard to give what is due to the athletes of the Cordillera region.


After the province outdid itself once more and left the CARAA participants in awe with warm welcome, grand opening, and smooth implementation of events, one could agree that the Province of Apayao should host Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA) Meet again in the future.