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Apayao's first lady encourages local artists, vows continuous support

Luna, Apayao – After observing a huge number of local artists in the province, Liza Bulut, the wife of Governor Elias Bulut Jr., stated that an exhibit of artworks by yApayao local artists will soon be pursued in the province.

This, according to her, will be the next step to elevate support to local artists while putting the province on the local art scene map.

Honoring the kick-off of the two-day Art in the Park canvas painting competition on February 7, 2022, in time with the Say-am Festival celebration, the governor’s wife said she is overwhelmed seeing the participants of said event.

An art lover herself, she recalled her experience of attending an event by the PASAKALYE group in Baguio City where she met various artists from the Cordillera region but got dismayed after realizing there was no one representing Apayao.

“Idi agigyan kami idiay Baguio, napan kami idiay ayan iti Pasakalye, group iti artist idiay Baguio... Puro Cordillera kuna da, Benguet, Mt. Province, Kalinga dagidiay artists ngem awan man lang ti taga Apayao,” she said.

Last year, Art in the Park, a program by the Department of Tourism-Cordillera, which is done yearly in Baguio by the Pasakalye group, was launched in Cordillera provinces, including Apayao.

There, she observed a great number of local artists joining the activity, delighting the province’s first lady.

Having spoken to a crowd of local artists this morning, she said an exhibit of artworks will be the next target, to also help them sell their masterpieces.

“Haanen nga contest tu daytuyen. Amin nga Apayao artist idisplay dan tu idiay exhibit ti trabaho dan,” she stated,

She then encouraged the public to support local art creators by buying their artwork as they are also giving pride to the province through their works.

Meantime, Provincial Tourism Officer Rebecca Mamba relayed the artworks of local artists will also be collected by their office and will be displayed later at the province’s soon-to-be-built cultural center and museum.


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