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P51M development projects in Tanudan proposed

Tanudan, Kalinga – An appropriation ordinance for the second supplemental budget of the Local Government of Tanudan for fiscal year 2021 has been proposed and the Committee on Finance and Appropriation of the Sangguniang Bayan has reviewed the matter.

The committee review was done Tuesday, August 10, 2021.

Committee Chairman Melchor Balawas, in an interview, said the appropriation ordinance is meant to fund much-needed projects amounting to P51 million.

The projects include the construction of the P18M Legislative Multi-purpose building in Banagao, Completion of the Banagao multi-purpose building (20 million), Construction of Waterworks System in Banagao (P3 million), Construction of Multi-purpose pavement in Banagao (1,500,000), Upgrading and Improvement of Local Access Road (P7, 5000,000), Loan interest for Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) (P1,000,000) and Counterpart fund of KALAHI-CIDDS project in the municipality amounting to P500,000.

Balawas explained that there is a need to come up with an appropriation ordinance to facilitate the bidding under the supplemental budget, awarding of the projects, and getting the notice to proceed which signifies the start of the project.

“Nu aprobaran ti plenary ti committee report mi, maaramid tu diay appropriation ordinance tapnu agbalin a local law tapnu maipa-bid dagidiay projects a mapanan na, nu malpas bidding, addan tu ti certificate of award tapos mapan tun diay notice to proceed, agrugin tun diay project,” Balawas said.

When asked where to get the funds for the supplemental budget, he said that these shall come from the savings of LGU Tanudan.

Discussions during the committee hearing

During the Committee meeting attended by its members and a representative from the executive department, points of discussion included sources of funds, the purpose of the request for legislative action, and priority projects under the supplemental budget.

“Dagiti committee members tayu ket they were given a chance to ask or question, that’s why we have the presence of the representatives from the executive department from the office of the municipal mayor, ni apo administrator tayo, ni Atty Antonio Basungit Jr. ken ni acting treasurer,” Balawas narrated.

He added that the executive department representatives were invited as the matter involves the disbursement of funds. Queries were answered directly, thus saving time.

“As far as the committee is concerned, the way we see it, it’s positive and we are satisfied with the explanation from the executive department,” he concluded.

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