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  • Writer's picture Mark Moises Calayan

Fight over money led siblings in Burgos, Isabela to hack each other

Burgos, Isabela – Siblings are supposed to support each other during financial struggles, but for the siblings in Burgos, Isabela, financial issues allegedly led them to attack each other.


The individuals involved were identified as Ben Torio, 56, and his older brother, known as “Bart”, 60.


In her interview with local media, Leticia Torio, the siblings' mother, recounted being with Bart at their house in Barangay Caliguian on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

While they were home, Ben arrived and inquired about money collected during their youngest brother’s wake, who was buried on Thursday, February 8.


Shortly after, the two began to argue, and Bart left the house, carrying a bolo on his waist. Ben followed him with a machete, attempting to attack him. However, Bart managed to avoid the attack and retaliated by hacking Ben multiple times.


Upon notification of the incident, Burgos police promptly arrived at the scene, apprehending Bart as the suspect.


Meanwhile, Ben, the victim, was rushed to the hospital by the responding medical team. Fortunately, he survived the injuries sustained from the attack and is now in stable condition.


Currently, Bart is in police custody for further investigation and proper disposition.


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