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Around 80 Baguio City jail inmates complete livelihood training

Baguio City, Philippines - Inmates at Baguio City Jail completed livelihood training as part of capacitating them to make good use of their time and help them be prepared for income-generating skills which they could use once they are back to their normal life.

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in the city serves "detainees accused before a court who are temporarily confined in such jails while undergoing investigation, waiting for final judgment and those who are serving sentence promulgated by the court 3 years and below."

The livelihood training skills included manual coffee brewing, food processing, and cake baking.

According to a report by the Mt. Province Broadcasting Corporation, around 80 male and female inmates underwent and completed the training in July and December 2021, which was through the help of Baguio City School of Arts and Trades or BCSAT.

The Vocational School Administrator, Arlene Ligos Cadalig, said that the trainings were held both virtually and limited face-to-face due to the restrictions of the pandemic. Nevertheless, for this year, she mentioned the possibility of conducting more livelihood skills training for Persons Deprived with Liberty (PDLs).

The report also added that some women organizations were given the same trainings in barangays as a way to help those who lost their jobs.


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