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‘Athletes should receive year-round training’-Balbalan Vice Mayor

Rizal, Kalinga - In her address during the opening program of the 2024 Kalinga Provincial Meet, Balbalan Vice Mayor Rowina Alison Damian, representing Mayor Almar Malannag, emphasized the necessity of year-round training.

This, she said, is to enhance the performance of Kalinga's athletes and elevate the province's standing in the Cordillera Administrative Region Athletic Association (CARAA).


"As a mother of two athletes, I believe one way for us to improve our standing during the CARAA is by providing our athletes with year-round screening and training. Training should not only be conducted for a week or a month before the zonal meet, district meet, or provincial meet. It should start from Day 1," said Damian.


She urged collaboration among officials from the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Local Government Unit (LGU) to develop a comprehensive program tailored to the specific needs of Kalinga's athletes, focusing on continuous training rather than short-term preparations.

Damian along with other officials and department heads of Balbalan LGU joined the town’s 370 delegates, including coaches and athletes who were accompanied by their parents and guardians.


More than competition


Vice Mayor Damian encouraged athletes to view the Provincial Meet not only as a platform for competition but also as an opportunity to forge friendships and camaraderie.


"This should likewise be an avenue for you to find friendship, to have new friends, after all, dakayun tu metlang ti agkakadwa to represent Kalinga to the regional athletic meet," she said.


Acknowledging the crucial role played by parents and community members in supporting the athletes, Damian commended their efforts. She acknowledged the unwavering support of parents and community members who have consistently backed the delegates.


In a nod to the community spirit, she borrowed the famous line of Mayor Malannag: "Ipakita tayo nga kaya tayo nga taga-Balbalan. Ipakita tayo ti Balbalan idiay mapa," urging the athletes to showcase the strength and resilience of Balbalan on the regional stage.


The call for year-round training aligns with a growing recognition of the importance of sustained and focused preparation in achieving success in the highly competitive field of athletics. The Vice Mayor's proposal signifies a commitment to the holistic development of athletes and a strategic approach to improving Kalinga's athletic prowess in the CARAA.



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