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Atty. Comafay Jr. says imprisonment won't silence him in exposing abuses and corruption

Tabuk City, Kalinga – “You can have me imprisoned. But you can never imprison the truth. You will never silence me. I will not stop exposing your abuses and corruption. If you really want to silence me, better that you have me killed. But I assure you, more will rise to resist you,” stated Atty. Errol Comafay Jr. on his FB account, referring to Tabuk City Mayor Darwin Estrañero.

Comafay said his post is a response to a case filed against him for being vocal in his stand against alleged corruption and irregularities happening in the city government.

Some of the huge issues that rocked Tabuk City include allegations of overpriced procurement of medical supplies during the pandemic, overpriced procurement of lot, and questionable contract of lease between Tabuk City LGU and XRC Developers.

Background of the Cyber Libel Complaint filed

Estrañero, in his complaint, claimed that Comafay made false statements to destroy his reputation in his interview with 98.5 iFM Cauayan on the program Unang Radio ng Balita in 2020.

In the said program, Comafay voiced out his concerns regarding the infamous thermal scanner brought by the mayor with P12,000 each.

“Noong March 24 ay may binili ang aming CLGU thru Mayor Estrañero na 100 thermal scanner. Ang halaga ng bawat isa ay P12,000 so sa kabuuang nagastos sa pagbili ng thermal scanner na ito ay P1.2 million. Ngayon, need ko ang kanilang explanation, baka may mabuti silang explanation,” stated Comafay.

He then cited the explanation provided by Estrañero when the mayor was interviewed by PTV Cordillera saying that the reason behind the purchase with such amount was because the prices were affected by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Comafay, in an earlier interview, said “the complaint shows the mayor in desperate move to silence dissent as he cannot provide a clear and better explanation why he bought the thermal scanner which costs 300-400 pesos for 12,000 pesos a piece. The overpricing is so blatant that it went overboard the ceiling price of DOH at 8,000 pesos.”

Also, the anti-corruption advocate reiterated that as a politician, Estrañero should know that he owes an explanation to the public who voted him in office and that as a public servant he should be open to criticism instead of harassing and suing people who are apparently vocal in questioning such doubtful government transactions.

Comafay willing to surrender and go to jail

Comafay was about to surrender himself earlier today, June 03, and prepared for some days in jail but was informed that somebody posted a bail for him.

Meanwhile, the cases filed by Comafay against the mayor for overpriced medical supplies and corruption claims are still pending at the Office of the Ombudsman.

(This is a developing story.)


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