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Atty. Comafay says critics could file a counter charge against Estrañero

Tabuk City, Kalinga – After the cyber libel cases filed by Tabuk City Mayor Darwin Estrañero were dismissed by the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in Cabagan, Isabela, Atty. Errol Comafay, one of the most open critics of the Mayor, said the critics could file a counter charge since it is clear that Estrañero was not after justice but after harassment.

In an interview, Comafay stated he was expecting the dismissal of the cases as it is clear under the law and based on previous cases that filing of cyber libel cases cannot just be at any place which the complainant wants it filed.

“We can file a counter charge. Why not? He said he wants the rule of law to judge us. We likewise desire the rule of law to prevail. We will look into the complaints we can file. This we have to do as a protest against harassment and unjust use of power of a politician to vex critics as means to silence freedom of expression,” Comafay explained.

Besides this, Comafay underscored the work of the Mayor as a public servant in which the criticisms thrown at him are all valid as they are connected to his function as an elected official. It is just embarrassing, he said, that the Mayor was too sensitive and hyper-reactive to criticisms instead of being accommodating and use those criticisms to improve his governance and relationships with his constituents.

“A politician should know that he is owned by the public that he serves. Why run if you do not want to be criticized? This case shall be a story all others wishing to run shall remember. People have the right to examine their leaders they voted for,” said Comafay.

When asked if he has plans to run for a public office, he said “Well you have read the Mayor’s servants at the City campaigning for me.”

The embattled Tabuk City Mayor is facing more than 20 complaints filed before the Office of the Ombudsman with many of the cases relating to graft and corruption and administrative charges.

Some of the biggest issues he is facing are the procurement of a lot in Laya costing 46 million pesos for 1.8 hectare, Foliar fertilizer amounting to over 9 million pesos, and purchase of thermal scanners for 12,000 pesos a piece - way above the DOH ceiling price.