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Baguio City sees 16% decrease in fire incidents during first 2 months of 2024

Baguio City, Philippines - A decline in fire incidents was observed in Baguio City for the first two months of 2024.


The Baguio City Fire Station (BCFS), represented by Senior Fire Officer 1 Lloyd Ashley Furigay, reported on Saturday, March 9, 2024, that a total of 21 fire cases had been recorded in the city from January to February of this year.


The data represents a 16 percent decrease compared to the 25 incidents during the same period in 2023.


Of the 21 fire incidents, grass fires accounted for the highest number with 8 cases, followed by residential fires with 6, forest fires with 4, non-residential fires with 2, and 1 vehicular fire.

In his interview with the City Information Office recently, Furigay explained that grass fires usually occur in residents’ backyards, where grasses and bushes are burned due to open flames or fires lit outside their houses.


To address the problem, Furigay advised the public to ensure that any open flames they ignite are extinguished before leaving the area, in order to prevent fire escalation and avoid serious threats to their community.


He also called on parents not to allow their children to play with matches, as it is also one of the causes of fires in the city.


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