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Baguio LGU allocates P18M for Bayan Park renovation

Baguio City, Philippines – Aiming at transforming Bayan Park into a vibrant place with energetic feel of the surroundings providing recreational, relaxation and wellness for Baguio residents, the city local government unit allocated P18 million for its renovation.

Bayan Park at Aurora Hill, Baguio City is known as a carbon sink, green space, and an area considered having a great environment.

According to Public Information Office-City of Baguio, the said Park is one of the community parks getting improvement in the city apart from the Aguinaldo Park at Upper General Luna and Jungle Town.

In earlier reports, Mayor Magalong said that the city is working on a ‘parks-for-all’ program which aims to develop all the existing community parks around Baguio.

“Bayan Park will serve as the benchmark for all community parks that we hope to establish in the city under our ‘parks-for-all’ program,” said Mayor Benjamin Magalong as quoted by the public information office.

City Environment and Parks Management Officer Rhernan Diwas said the rehabilitation shall be in two phases. The first shall be the reconstruction of the sunken playground with 340 square meter are, the 580 square meter training ground and the outdoor gym. The second shall be the construction of outdoor amphitheater for community events, a skatepark for skateboarding and comfort rooms.

The Park’s management officer said with the development of the park, the ecosystem shall be preserved and the need of the public for a better area to relax shall be achieved.

Diwas conveyed the city started planting sapling trees such as jacaranda and pine trees in designated areas of the park. Likewise, the city initiated the landscaping, planting of ornamental plants and greenery for the outdoor facility.

The calisthenics and outdoor gymnasium are designed for adults and senior citizens as a walking and exercise area. To avoid accidents, overgrown trees will be clipped, but Diwas promised the public that no trees will be cut down.

13 barangays in Baguio city include Ambiong, Aurora Hill Proper, West Modernsite, Bayan Park Village, South Central, North Central, Leonila Hill, San Antonio Village, East Modernsite, Honeymoon-Holy Ghost, Brookside, East Bayan Park, and Brookspoint have Bayan Park as their central gathering place.


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