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Balbalan’s inaugural “Binungol Festival” set for Oct. 25

Balbalan, Kalinga – Balbalan, through the Municipal Tourism Office led by Regine Munda Cruz, invites the public to attend and indulge in its inaugural “Binungol Festival” set for Wednesday, Oct. 25, highlighting ingenious foods, culture and a whole lot more.

Dubbed as the ‘home of original binungol,’ Balbalan institutionalized through Municipal Ordinance 2023-24 its annual municipal-wide celebration of Indigenous Peoples’ Thanksgiving Day, otherwise known as “Binungol Festival.”

“Binungol” is an exotic, spicy dish that has gained popularity not just in the locality but in nearby provinces. Its usual ingredients are shells/kohol, mushrooms, banana blossoms, bamboo shoots, jack fruits, beans, carabao skin/"gedjang", "dayap", "apunet", "pait"/rattan shoot palm shoot or coconut shoot, sili and with fish paste "bagoong" to smoothen its chilly taste and deliciousness most especially when it is recooked.

The sub-tribes in town have different terms for “binungol.” The delicacy is called “finungol” by Salogsog sub-tribe, “butong” by Buaya sub-tribe, “tuyu” for Poswoy and Dao-angan sub-tribes, “binungor”/”butong” for Mabaca sub-tribe, and “vinungol” for Banao and Gubang sub-tribes.

Coming together for the festivity, the sub-tribes, along with the LGU department heads and employees, national line agencies and guests, will gathering for the festivity which will commence with a parade from the Balbalan Public Market to the Municipal Hall in Poblacion, where the main program will be held.

Mayor Almar Malannag will lead the declaration of the first-ever “Binungol Festival” to be followed by a ribbon cutting by the expected keynote speaker, Congressman Allen Jesse Mangaoang, the mayor himself, and Vice-Mayor Rowina Alison Damian, to be assisted by the members of the august body, with Municipal and Barangay Indigenous Peoples' Mandatory Representations.

Participants will witness various indigenous competitions such as the cook fest, “manbayu” or rice pounding, “man-aba”, among others.

The program will culminate with the dancing of “binungol” dance before Councilor Rex Dulansi will deliver his closing remark.



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