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Barangay Appas, Tabuk City reports progress from 2019

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Appas, Tabuk City – Progress and development have been observed in Barangay Appas with the joint efforts of various stakeholders, barangay officials, and its constituents since 2019.

With the leadership of Barangay Captain Steve G. Gayyad, the barangay has undergone positive changes, particularly in the improvement of roads benefitting its 3,169 populaces.

Some of the improvements in one of the urban barangays of Tabuk include the opening of road at Mamicao Street and Lapog Street, Opening of Road and Riprapping at Falgui Street and Egay Street, and concreting of Road and Riprapping at Dirige Street.

To protect constituents from possible flooding due to calamities, the barangay officials initiated the Construction of a Box Culvert and Flood Control at Lapog.

In support of education, the barangay LGU funded the construction of a Makeshift Building intended for Appas Primary School at Nasgueban Appas.

The barangay council likewise made a resolution for the construction of a permanent building for the said elementary school and was later approved. The construction shall be implemented soon.

For other projects, Gayyad relayed to Blue Board Multimedia that they also initiated several projects that include the construction of Multi-purpose Hall at Centro West, Fencing of Multi-purpose Hall at Centro West, and purchase of Lot at Centro East, Appas, and at Nasgueban, Appas.

At present, Gayyad said the construction of a Muti-purpose Hall at Centro East is ongoing.

The barangay also implemented programs like the clean and green program - seriously taking into action their “Batog ko, Dalus ko” ordinance.

As relayed by Gayyad, Barangay Appas’ 4H Club Members are one of the most active clubs in the City, awarded through their valuable innovations, empowerment, and unleashing of 4-H potential.

With said developments, Barangay Appas LGU asks the community to continue lending their hands to make the barangay more developed, more secure, and more maintained while the barangay officialdom will keep on working for a more progressive Barangay Appas benefitting all its constituents.

“Agyamanak iti kooperasyon yu kadagiti programa iti barangay tayu ken dawatek nga agtitinulung tayo nga mangpadur-as iti barangay tayu. Sapay kuma ta han tayu nga maum uma nga mangdanggay iti narugyan tayun a pagsayaatan tayu amin nga bumarangay para kadagiti sumarsarunu nga henerasyon,” Barangay Captain Gayyad stated.

What’s behind the name Appas?

Accordingly, Barangay Appas was named after an old big tree called OPLAS-a favorite shade for hunters and travelers in time past because of its large oblong leaves.

Where is it located?

Barangay Appas is located between the commercial and business districts of the City, particularly Barangay Bulanao and Barangay Dagupan, bounded on the East by Barangay Ipil, on the North by Barangay Magsaysay, on the South by Barangay San Juan and on the West by Chico River.

It has a total land area of 673 hectares with a population of about 3,169.


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