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Barangay Dagupan Centro, Tabuk City to put up CCTVs in public areas

Tabuk City, Kalinga―Barangay Dagupan Centro, under the leadership of Punong Barangay George Esteras, will be installing its own closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to tighten the security measures against traffic violators and criminality in said locality.

Members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod approved the barangay local government’s request to transfer the needed funding from the city government for the purchase of said ‘peace and order’ supplies amounting to PhP700,000 during their regular session on March 29.

In an interview, Punong Barangay Esteras said the installation of the CCTV cameras is significant for all residents since it could be instrumental in deterring criminal activities and in providing information when there are accidents.

“Adda siguro 10 nga units na dayta, at least mayat tun. Daytoy ket gapu kadagiti krimen a mangmangyari isunga idiay strategic places ti ikkan ngem haanen idiay market ta adda metten ti nakakabit from the city,” he said.

Under the project is the procurement of more than 10 units of CCTV cameras, establishment of CCTV room, and purchase of equipment. Also included are the labor and installation, mobilization, and board and lodging.

Moreover, the management and monitoring of the CCTVs will be under the command center with the supervision of the barangay government stationed at Barangay Hall.



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