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Belgica vows creation of Anti-Corruption Council to control anomalies in government

Tabuk City, Philippines – In his discourse with the Kalinga Media on April 21, Senatorial bet Greco Belgica vowed the creation of Anti-Corruption Council as a means to expose corrupt officials in the national and local levels.

Belgica’s promise is in response to the question of Guru Press Cordillera and Station 1 representative Brent Martinez, asking how he could stop corruption at the local level.

While Martinez lauded the accomplishment of Belgica in exposing corrupt government employees in the national agencies, the media questioned the senatorial aspirant of his plans to solve corruption in the local level, which has a direct impact to the community.

Belgica explained the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) didn’t have the power over prosecution of local officials since the Commission is tasked to check on the appointees of the President and national government offices.

Nevertheless, Belgica said he promises to make sure corrupt officials at the local level will be made to pay for their crimes.

If given the chance to win in the May 09 polls, Belgica said he will strengthen the justice system by institutionalizing a National Anti-Corruption Council which ‘will be empowered with more teeth to decide, and with more punitive powers to punish and to convict.’

“…With more people para hindi natatambak ang kaso tapos gagawa po ako ng Anti-Corruption Police, solely dedicated to implement anti-corruption laws para mas maging aktibo po ang anti-corruption campaign sa local level. So can you imagine, meron kayong Kalinga PACC that will discipline your local government officials dahil hiwalay sa kanila yun,” added Belgica.

Further, the senatorial bet highlighted the need to strengthen cyber capabilities of the law enforcers since anomalous transaction are now done online.

Protection of media who are exposing corrupt officials

Martinez asked a follow-up question concerning the protection of media members who are often victims of threats after exposing corrupt officials.

According to Belgica, the media will be part of the National Anti-Corruption Council so they can immediately report details of threats, and the police assigned will investigate and look for the people responsible for the threats.

“That’s how to beat threats kasi sa council, maipapasok niyo na po sa agenda yan. Okay, media practitioner 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 has received threats coming from these numbers and on these dates, so the police is now tasked to investigate and look for these people and these cell phones, triangulate nalang, yun na po yun. Ganyan po ang ginawa ko sa lahat ng nag-threat sa akin, yung mga tumawag, yung mga pumunta, yung mga nagtext, ipinahanap ko kaagad so may proteksyon po yun,” assured the Senatorial candidate.


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