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Benguet Strawberry Farm gets more tourists this holiday season

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

La Trinidad, Benguet – The number of tourists coming in to visit the Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad has increased this Christmas season, said vendors and stall owners near the area.

Over 200 tourist vehicles daily clogged the parking area of Strawberry farm.

According to the local vendors, they observed the gradual increase of tourists since November when the local government of La Trinidad opened the town for tourists who went through the Baguio City’s central triage.

The vendors, as reported by Mt. Province Broadcasting Corporation, are delighted with the re-opening of Strawberry Farm, saying that it provides them a chance to recover from their losses during the height of the pandemic when no tourists came.

They are hoping that the COVID-19 cases continue to wind down and the Omicron variant not to enter the locality so that economic activities, including tourism, which is their primary source of livelihood, will fully open.

A variety of local products can be bought at the Strawberry farm such as homemade jams, wines, souvenir items, strawberries, and Benguet vegetables.

Meanwhile, some tourists from Metro Manila also said that their vacation cannot be complete if they do not visit La Trinidad, which is known as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines.

La Trinidad, as of December 27, 2021, recorded only six active COVID-19 cases with no new confirmed cases.

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