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Best Actress in Distinctive Int’l Arab Festivals Awards 2022 hails from Baguio City

Baguio City, Philippines – The newly awarded Best Actress in Distinctive International Arab Festivals Awards 2022 is a beauty queen-turned-actress from the Summer Capital of the Philippines.

Kylie Verzosa who was crowned as Miss International in 2016 received her latest award in Dubai on November 04, 2022. She was recognized for her performance in the 2021 movie “The Housemaid” – the Filipino adaptation of a 1960 Korean film of the same title.

The 30-year-old actress played the lead role Daisy. In the movie, she was recruited to be a nanny of the daughter of millionaire couple William and Roxanne. William was sexually frustrated when Roxanne was about nine months pregnant and Daisy happened to be available as outlet for his tension release.

She dedicated her Best Actress Award which she described as “a dream come true” to the sacrifices of the Overseas Filipinos Workers in Dubai.

“Sobrang nakakataba ng puso na in-awardan ako dito sa Dubai kasi, there are around five million hardworking Filipinos in Dubai who have sacrificed their time, their efforts, their lives for their country, for their family so I dedicate this award to them,” stated the actress in her acceptance speech.

“Nothing ever beats the feeling of winning something for your own country because of your own hard work,” she added.

Baguio Council passes measure commending Verzosa

Recently, officials of Baguio City through a resolution commended and expressed their pride of the latest achievement of the actress.

The body, according to the City Public Information Office, claimed that “the award symbolizes not only the recognition of the outstanding performance of an actor or an actress but is an acknowledgement of the presence, talents and dynamism of the Filipinos.”

Accordingly, Verzosa was born in the city. She graduated from high school at St. Louis University and finished degree in business management at Ateneo de Manila University.


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