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BFAR-Kalinga to students: ‘fisheries and agricultural courses are what we need’

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Tabuk City, Kalinga – Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources – Kalinga encourages learners to still pursue Fisheries course whether or not they get admitted to the scholarship of BFAR.

This was the statement made Joyce Ducyogen, BFAR – Kalinga Chief to the sixty five incoming college students in the province who took the Fisheries Scholarship Program National Qualifying Examination on December 5, 2020.

Ducyogen said that the Bachelor of Science in Fisheries course does not mean they have to submerge themselves in fish ponds, rather they will be the ones to teach and train fisher folks as well as to help implement the projects of BFAR.

“We encourage you to take fishery courses ta mayat met, haan kayo nga mapan tumapog jay fishpond, dakayu iti agisuro, dakayo iti trainer, dakayu iti agimplement iti projects,” she said.

“Nu man haan kayo nga makapasok [ditoy scholarship], ipapati yu latta iti aguskwela iti fishery courses ken agricultural courses ta dagitoy iti masapul tayo tatta,” she added.

Meanwhile, in the Cordillera Administrative Region, a total of 196 students took the examination in which the top 20 from the fisher folk children will be admitted, 3 from the Indigenous People, and 3 from the fishery industry leaders.

The scholarship will cover the tuition fees of students who will be admitted. They will also be receiving P5,000 monthly allowance and other benefits from the government.

“Masapul haan da bumagsak. Masapul i-maintain da ti grades da. Ken isistimaren da ah ta within the 4 years kuman ket malpas da diyay kurso da. May extension ang IP hanggang 5 years pero yung mga fisher folk children, 4 years, pag hindi natapos stop na yong benefits niya,” Ducyogen said.

Meantime, the results of the exam will be out first week of March 2021.



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