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BFP-CAR Director pledged to work out funding for Tanudan fire station

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Tanudan, Kalinga―Following the signing of the ‘deed of lot donation’ for the establishment of the Tanudan Fire Station, BFP-CAR Regional Director SR SUPT Leonid Gumanab-Rosales, MM pledged to support the immediate construction of a P7.3-M worth fire station here.

The BFP-CAR Regional Director lauded the efforts of the local officials under the leadership of Mayor Jaedicke Rhoss Dagadag for their persistence to establish their own fire station.

“We thank you very much ti panagidunar yu ti daga ta ngamin awan maubraan mi a BFP nu awan agapo a donation from the LGU as counterpart. Daytoy ti counterpart ti LGU a mangted iti daga a mapatakderan ti national government tayo, that is sharing hindi lang sa amin, kailangan mayroon din sa kanila, a joint effort,” she said.

She pointed that it is convenient for the municipality to have its own fire station, since currently they are under the supervision of the Tabuk City Fire Station, which in terms of response time, there could be delays which is difficult during emergencies.

“Out of the eight municipalities of Kalinga ket pito ti adda ti fire station na ket daytoy laengen Tanudan iti awan iti Fire station, at saka dito adayo launay a distansya kumbaga mapuuranen diyay bantay san to lang sumangpet because of the distance so it is just proper na mayroon tayong sariling fire station dito,” she said.

Rosales expressed her sincere support for the immediate processing of the budget from the national government, emphasizing that the activation of fire stations in each municipality and city in the region is one of her priorities.

“Gusto ko rin mapabilis yung activation ng different fire stations. Sana maysa daytoy a mapaburan, mapundoan ta kayat ko a during my administration, kayat ko nga agbalin nga accomplishment daytoy,” she said.

“Thank you very much ta nu awan dayta pagpipirmaan tayo a dayta, awan ti katapusan na, kumbaga it would signal a mangrugi ti proseso na because we will be endorsing that one, the requirements idiay national office for the funding,” she added.


Tanudan to build P7.3-M fire station


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