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Bontoc tells internet providers to improve and upgrade connectivity services

Bontoc, Mountain Province – As transactions shift to online services this pandemic, requiring a faster and reliable internet connection, the Sangguniang Bayan of Bontoc has sought, through a resolution, for the improvement and upgrading of connectivity services in the municipality.

The call is addressed to the network providers in Bontoc.

Said resolution authored by Councilor Jerome Tudlong is also a response to the growing and constant clamor of Bontoc people for better internet connection in the locality.

“Specified in the resolution is the submission of copies to concerned internet providers for them to upgrade their systems because of slow internet speed, unstable network signal especially now that face-to-face transactions are discouraged due to the pandemic and very slow response to calls for technical assistance,” PIO Bontoc reports.

Backing the resolution and appeal of Bontoc consumers, Mayor Franklin Odsey stressed in a statement the vital role of fast and reliable internet service in the municipality, especially during this time of the pandemic.

“The restrictions brought about by the pandemic required us to turn to online services, thus imposing the need for a faster and more reliable internet connection,” Mayor Odsey said.

He added that an improved internet connection is not just for students attending online classes in the blended learning scheme and research but also for employees assigned to. Work From Home arrangements.

He then urged network providers in Bontoc to grant the long, overdue upgrade to their infrastructure, build additional towers in places where there are existing towers and in barangays having no network signal.

According to him, the suggestion is a ‘win-win solution’ for both the service providers and users, as more users will avail of their services if satisfied with the services they are getting from the former.

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